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the dead has arisen…

or so I hope! I took some time off due to family drama and medical issues- I still have some things going on but at least it’s more bearable now and I hope to get back to blogging if only once a week! I am hoping my blogging pals are still around?

an updated on my projects: I have been crocheting a hexagon everyday as per the yearly granny square challenge plus a baby blanket! I am also still practicing my amigurumi then I have picked up making charms out of polymer clay! making messy bun beanies since they are all the rage right now!

I am just putting around trying to find a puff of steam to get going again! I am sure it will come to me sooner than later!

as far as shop’s go my main shop for now is going to be facebook (link is to the right) so if any of you use facebook and have any tips and tricks for me please drop a line!

anyways that’s all I have for now!




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product review: frixion clicker pen (sewing review)

ok so I am taking a few bucks out and buying me some Christmas presents of my own! so I do have a few product review’s for you! now I know most of you are crocheter’s and don’t sew but maybe you know someone that does and your still trying to figure out something for them!?! now remember I am a newbie in the sewing world and these review’s are just my opinion and thought’s! and please know that I am in no way getting any compensation for this review:

now let me introduce you to the Frixion Clicker Pen by Pilot however I purchase mine thru Shabby Fabric’s 

I did this without even looking at Pilot’s option’s – I discovered their site link and hence their price difference’s! if I had done better research I would have purchased from Pilot directly! Shabby Fabric’s isn’t horrible priced but I would recommend you do what’s most comfortable for you!

now onto the actual product- thou you must have guessed it!


from Shabby Fabric’s you can order the black plus when you need refills the same for Pilot but Pilot has different ink choice’s plus a package with multi colors!

now you might be wondering what would a sewer want with a pen? the joy of it is the gel ink! sure you can you use it as a ball point pen in a pinch- however what I love is (as a sewer) is the fact you can you it to mark your fabric’s! need to do some trimming? need to mark your measurements? use your frixion clicker pen!

now after you have made your measurements and cuts you need to give your fabric’s a good hot press and magical your pen marks are all gone! yep that’s all there is to it! mark and then press!

as a beginner I find this comforting! I find myself double checking my measurements before I cut! I am super nervous about cutting my fabric’s- even thou I am practicing on scraps, I want to get into good habit’s!

anyways- this review was pretty much straight forward! I do however have (I think) 3 more  product review’s

as always my lovelies #muchlove



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learning curve

(I forgot to upload the banner pic!)

so a lot is shaking and baking! there is a new layout for the blog- if you find something that doesn’t work or mislead’s you to somewhere else please let me know! in the meantime I am getting down to crunch time on these dang gone snowmen ornament’s for my mom’s mother! then the snowmen couple for a family friend and then I have that baby boy blanket to do!

as a note (that not I have been good at being a regular updater) I might not get a chance to update next week- I have people to get to doctor’s appointments and/or testing then I have a same day surgery next Wednesday! so there is that!

so onto the main dish of this post! I have indeed purchased my singer sewing machine and have played (and still playing) with how to thread it (since I can’t seem to get the auto-threader to work) then learning my tension along with my speed! I am going to be one of the slow sewer’s! I seem to work better going slow so right now I am just using scraps to learn my tension and speed! so right now I get more frustrating than get a feeling of satisfaction but I have remember that I am a beginner and there will be days that I will just want to pitch it all in the trash then in the next second I am wondering if I could make this work into this or that!

so my sewing journey is just beginning! I have tons of fabric/scrap’s to play with and try to see if I will be any good! now I know these don’t look pleasing (well the first one- that one was my practiced scrap) and I know I will never win any contest of sewing a straight line! plus I was adjusting the tension so everything looks really ugly! but I don’t mind being the ugly duckling for now but give me time..

beginner 1 banner 1.jpg

anyways that’s what is going on in my neck of the woods! what are you guys creating?

#muchlove #creativeideas


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a lil’ shop

shopping is always a big idea for me simply because I am on a very small budget and I like to get my money’s worth so I always window shopping and look for coupon’s and always checking out the $1 spot’s for that’s an option! so I wanted to do something just as easy- I know most of you have Etsy-Square shop’s and just love those avenue’s of selling! my best friend has both app’s and loves them equally and always says its easy to start up! well I admit I am not the smartest cookie in the package and sometimes don’t understand the underline point so I feel like I bug Carolyn to death on questions and explanations!

I dislike the way you input your inventory in square and I hate the idea of it costing me to list with Etsy! Britness over on Turtle Burger Crochet has a Etsy shop and seems to be good with it and I still might yet get a shop going on over there but in the mean time I done something so super easy and hopefully it will prove just as effective!

thus I opened the simplest shop and on a social platform that most everybody use’s in some way or the another! and maybe some of you guys already do this as well? but  in the run long I think this going to be the best option for me!

CraftasticBoutique’s now has a Facebook shop!!!

you may find my facebook shop on the right! I am thinking of deleting the square shop  or just revamp the whole inventory! if I revamp the inventory it will be after the holiday’s! I like the square shop reader and I am going to be looking into an independent reader’s so if you guys know of one and it’s free or reasonable priced shoot me a comment either here or on any of my social network platforms!

I haven’t added inventory to my facebook shop yet cause I am still looking for a neat and classy way to create to make a display case! I have some poster board and a mini tri-fold board that I think I am going to use as the backing and somehow paint/sticker etc onto the backing as well! if you guys know of a neat way I can do this please drop me a comment!

all in all that’s my goal! I now have to go back to making those dang gone snowmen ..

#muchlove #createideas


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the living dead..

so I have been dead for a while! I wish I could pin point where it all went wrong but the days were just a burr that I can’t say one thing or another! I had to glance over my last post to even have an idea on where I am…

but I make no excuse!

I have played with my singer 3337 thou I haven’t produce 1 project! I have tons of fabric since my bestie gave me her scrapes and zippers! tomorrow was going to be my day to try to actually get something one and yet I have my 3 month eye check up! I go to the eye doctor every 3 months to measure my glaucoma in my eyes!

plus my mom’s mother has had me making my Christmas Blushing Snowmen Ornaments like they are going out of style! currently count is 42 and counting… plus I agreed to make a baby blanket for a customer! my real first order and its a dang gone blanket! 😦

then come to find out that my oldest Nephew and his girlfriend found out that they are expecting their first! another sweet baby boy is headed our way so now my mom mentioned that if this baby blanket for my customer comes out good that lil’peanut (that’s what my Nephew has named his baby for now) needs one too! sadly I have already had 2 fat quarters for some kind of receiving blanket! so my projects are piling up so quickly!

then I had a bright idea to make a 50×60 in throw blanket for my brother for Christmas since my mom’s mother said she would help me with it so… I got a black plushy throw blanket (then kind you get at Walmart for $10- nothing fancy!) and $15 worth of Hobby Lobby’s Steelers cotton fabric to sew onto one side of the throw blanket so that’s another thing on the list..

so I totally have too much on my plate and I don’t know if I will get any of it done?

so that’s what is going on for me!

How have you all been? Any homemade gifts this season for ya?

Tie me back in to the world please!!!

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and so…

life is moving on without me! I mean my life is not waiting on me to get my act together nor giving me the chance to breathe! it is always something or another- family being being an ass or work asking me to stay later and later to the point where I am simply to beat to attempt anything other than the action breathing!

I got a paycheck a time ago and decided to throw it all to the wind and get everything I wanted! so now I am a proud owner of

  • Singer Simple 3337– $99.97 WalMart
  • A Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keeper’s -$24.99 however I did have a 50% off coupon at Michael’s!
  • Xyron 500 Sticker Machine over at Walmart- $20.00! Look in the crafting section! (WalMart also has the repositionable & adhesive refills around $12 each /the repositionable refill is the cheapest of the 2!)

now while I have all 3 goodies within my grasp for a week or so now I haven’t had the chance to play with all of them- until last night! I finally broke out the envelop punch board for the first time! now I am by no means a good one to count out the measurement to a 5/8 of and inch however I found out with using the board you can be a “little” off (you actually get 1/8 slack “for a better word”)


the board comes with the bone folder and a few measurement papers/stickers! the first notch maker is for the pieces that make up the flap’s the directly on the back side you can punch it again to get those round tips for all corners! I personally found that I liked the round tipped look from the flap’s that’s the major top and bottom piece’s!

now the first attempt failed in a epic waste of paper but I did a quick youtube look up and found out what I was doing wrong- from there is was easy as pie!!!


you will have to be careful on the larger sized envelope sizes- my fix was go ahead and score the side you were doing then once done simply pick up your paper a bit and place it back down on the board where the score line is and its gravy!

if you would like for me to do a youtube tutorial for ya’all let me know! but in all honestly I think I would have broken down and purchase it sooner or later so its no hair off my head!

my thought is I don’t want to do a simple business card- instead I want to like a information card then on the back add my social media connections! I will be using vellum paper and colored card stock then making some homemade envelops.

anyways- I hope every one is well? Everyone survived the time change? My body isn’t handling it well.. my body is telling me it is much later than what time it actually is!

so that’s that! What is going on in your world???



the longest…

days have been haunting me! I try and try to keep my hands busy however I have been overwhelmed with family asking to make this or that for Christmas gifts or such and I have the sudden urge to learn how to sew- with my mom’s mother the only one that I have access to that has a machine and know’s how to use it makes me just want my own machine and self teach myself!

the reason behind this is cause her mom has a very old machine and hardly remembers how to use it herself let alone teach anyone! so yeah I want my own machine and learn when and where I want to sew at! everyone within the house has had positive feedback with this sudden urge! I even sat a small box on the desktop desk with a note stating if anyone would like to donate their loose coin to the purchase of my chosen machine!

I sat the donate box out this morning- I have already got 8 bucks! doesn’t seem like alot but its the meaning behind the cash! I am trying to think of all the things I need to get to go along with my chosen machine.I know for basic starter things I will need:

  1. thread (mostly to start black,white, and possibly brown?)
  2. fabric (I think walmart’s fat quarter pieces will be ok?)
  3. an iron (I am going to be making my own mini iron board since I don’t have alot of space to work in)
  4. 100% cotton batting (I know I will need this for my mini iron board- but I don’t know if I need it for the small beginning sewing projects???)

if any of you sew and know of anything a beginner like me would need please drop it down in the comments below so I can research it and add it to my list! ❤

here is my chosen sewing machine (I talked to my best friend- to get her opinion before I decided on this) 


so what do you think? pretty? it comes with:

  • 29 Stitches
  • Basic, stretch and decorative stitches
  • Top Drop-In Bobbin
  • Easy to see and easy to thread
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Effortlessly thread the needle to start sewing faster
  • Easily Adjust Stitch Length
  • Choose the right stitch length for any project
  • 1-Step Buttonhole
  • Professional looking results every time
  • LED Light
  • See your sewing area clearly
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame 
  • Provides stability for skip-free sewing

the accessories are:

  • Including the NEW Sew Easy Foot, All-Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Edge / Quilting Guide, Pack of Needles, Bobbins, Thread Spool Caps, L-Screwdriver, Darning Plate, Auxilliary Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Seam Ripper / Lint Brush, and Soft-Sided Dust Cover

so I am super excited! there is a owner’s class (aka youtube video’s) on a quick overview of the machine plus how to’s! so yeah I would appreciate any and all advise!

anyways! I must head back into building a army of crocheted snowmen!!!

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the missing days…

so yeah I totally went off grid for a while- life kept kicking me where it hurt the most! had my dad in the hospital then my brother needed medical testing done, all the while I was fighting a really bad UTI that turned into kidney stones! then top it off my truck then my parents truck went down! so I have had absolutely no time for anything solid! any craft has been the type of pick up and put down!

I have so much to do- I have 25 Christmas tree ornament’s to do plus 2 very large version’s of my blushing snowmen! then just last night  I found out a woman  I worked with back in the day was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer and has been told to her affair’s in order! I am speechless and heart broken- Robin had always had a drinking issue but other than that she was always so healthy!

I will be spending the night and large part of tomorrow working on a prayer shawl for her- I have heard that they are helpful during chemo which she just started!

but in the mean time here is something I made a while back-


so what do you think? I have more coming soon-plus I will post pic’s of the shawl!

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snowball (a member of the mini collection!)

so its been a minute- its so hard to find the time to post these days! I hate that I have slacked off from my inspiration and Friday spotlight posts! but with all the doctor appointments and testing going (plus I am sleeping horribly)  on I am the only solid driver in the house right now so its been putting a large strain on me! 

so with that out of the way I want you guys to meet the first Christmas project that I am selling- she is quick to work up and you can decorate her anyway you see fit! I have named her Snowball and since she is super small ( with pom pom attached she is 4 in’s) and she comes with a loop thru her pom pom so you can hang her on the tree or with a stocking!

1474906826734_zps7xfyfhbl (1).jpg

so what do you guys think?

what would you be willing to pay for her? I am thinking 2 or 3 bucks? the pricing calculator says between 5 to 6 but that seems a bit high to me!!!

my mom made the comment last night while I was working on Bella (you get to meet her soon enough!) that I have taken to amigurumi like a duck to water! I consider myself not even a beginner yet! most what I do is just experiments! but I like doing amigururmi- but I agree that I am running out of room to keep my little friends!

anyways this is all you get for now! 🙂

now I am off to try program a new house phone! ( I don’t know why we still have it- everyone has cell phone’s these days!)